Authentic Elections


About Me


This page is a personal project by @justinhendrix, inspired by a variety of activists and intellectuals concerned about the future of mis- and disinformation.


I study emerging media technology for a living and I’m concerned about how the combination of unaccountable social media platforms, enormous amounts of personal data and new tools to generate content and messages will continue to erode civil discourse in democracies. I want to see appropriate regulations, new rules about election communications and campaign finance laws, but I don’t believe any of that will happen fast enough. Too much is on the line.

Recently I read a Twitter thread by Simon Rosenberg, President of NDN and the New Policy Institute, a think tank based in Washington, DC. Simon knows what he’s talking about- he’s led efforts to directly combat disinformation and seen up front the damage these new weapons can inflict. Simon is calling on “Democratic Presidentials, DNC and State Parties to commit to a new set of norms, forgo illicit campaign tactics, fight disinformation and cyber interference together.”

I think we should go further- and demand that all politicians of all stripes commit to a set of norms and principles that discourage the use of disinformation and misinformation in elections. I agree with Simon that the discussion is urgent.

What if we demanded new norms of our politicians, candidates, parties, political organizations and citizens that participate in the discourse?

This page is a place to collect ideas, suggestion and critique- feel free to engage here on Twitter with the hashtag #authenticelections.